"Oh me oh my, oh me oh my!!"

Stefani Jorgensen, It's your birthday!!
Have a wonderful birthday Stef and make a good wish!

Then I'm so sorry this is late!  
Happy, happy, belated birthday Andrea!  We hope you had fun on your special day, which was yesterday!
Miss you guys!


theJorgies said...

thanks noelle!! i must say i was utterly humiliated when i saw the balloon, card, and snickers from you (and extremely happy and grateful). why? the box of canned goods i'm assuming you noticed. yes, they are the canned goods you gave us. no, they are not rusting away into a useless oblivion. we are bombing the house (for real) and i need to reorganize the pantry and didn't want to put them away until those two things were accomplished. nonetheless, so embarrassed ....

Stewart Family said...

Hey Noelle,
I have a recipe for the pulled pork from Cafe Rio and for the Tamatillo creamy dressing. I was a little skeptical about making it, but we tried to last week and it was awesome. I loved it so much we are making it again tomorrow. Very excited!! Tell me if you want the recipe ;o)

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