The Happenings

Kurt got the kids ready to swim in the pool the other day and this is what he dressed them in.  He put Brody in Drew's old suit and he put Drew in Brody's board shorts.  I was on the ground laughing to my guts out when I saw them.  I thought Brody looked like he had on a Strongest Man outfit, and Drew looked like a local boy with long hair.

Stefani, Addi, and Gwen Jorgenson came over to swim yesterday.  I think the kids had more fun making a mess with chips than they did swimming.  I playfully asked Drew if she dumped out the chips and expecting her to say yes, but she said, "No Addi did."  Hahaha!  What a way to sell out your friend.  Drew's very good to point out the things she didn't do.  I guess there was no need for a bag when you could eat it off the floor.

Bro Dee!  This is his favorite spot in the whole house.  He climbs on a coffee table and sits on this ledge.  He snuggles and blends right in with with the sodas.

We've been having fun hanging out at home.  Neither one of us has a job right now and we aren't complaining.  We love having Kurt home with us night and day.  He's been working on his language class he needs to finish, selling the last of our junk, securing a job in Korea, and trying to beat my high score on a computer game called BeSpelled.

I'm having a fun time swimming with the kids every day, watching Food Network, taking fun walks around the loop, playing on the computer, pushing Kurt to do his language class, and keeping the kids from ripping the house to pieces.

Drew and Brody are having a fun time with Grandma.  They follow her like a shadow.  Drew is learning how to swim and she's like a fish in water.  She can swim half the length of the pool.  Drew asks for her friends every once and while but she suffices with looking at their pictures on the computer.  Her 3rd birthday is on the 25th of this month and she talks about it everyday.

Brody is busy being a boy.  He loves chasing all the wild life we have at our house.  He can say Thank you, I love you, ball, Mama, Dada, more, yup, nice, and his favorite, NO!  Of course in his Brody way.


Leah and Carrie said...

This is Carrie and Leah and we think Brittany I mean Brody looks fabulous!

theJorgies said...

heidy ho ... thanks for letting us come play. wanna do it again sometime, say tomorrow?? i could bring the stroller and we could go on a jog/walk too. and maybe some snacks/sandwiches for a picnic ... and maybe this is an uber long, overly personal comment for a blog.

see you on facebook. :)

iMaLLheaRt said...

Too funny! I love the switch! Good luck selling all your stuff!

lyle & julia said...

hahaha...I love it!!! We definitely need to hang!! How much longer are you guys here??

Keiko said...

Why Drew is a boy? -by Fiona

So funny, but you know for sure that you don't have to worry about having a boy look like Drew or a girl look like a Brody for the future for sure. Hey, do you want to get autographed on YOUR book? (If you know who I'm talking about) It's not guaranteed but if you do, let me know. I'll have Jared make in line for you.

cherie said...

dude...i saw that picture of brody and dew in each others suits and it didn't even phase me at first. i had to take a double look...then i busted up laughing

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