Augie T = Funny Guy!

Shanae texted me the other day if I wanted to go see a comedian at Turtle Bay for a girls night out.  In my head I was thinking a big comedian like Seinfeld or Chris Rock.  I was really excited to go because I LOVE stand up comedy.  Last Comic Standing, one of my favorite shows.  As I was taking the infamous drive from Kailua to Laie I noticed A LOT of fliers up for Augie T.  "Augh," I actually said out loud, "I would not pay to see him."  After driving past ten more poles with his picture on it, I thought, wait a minute.  I slowed down to read the information on his poster and sure enough, it read: Augie T.  Saturday July 12th at Turtle Bay.  Hahaha!  This was going to stink!  I didn't care.  I wanted to have a well needed girls night out and I'd driven this far already, I wasn't about to turn back around.  From the point of leaving Shanae's house to the arrival at the actual show we were deciding on what degree of terrible this local comedian would be.  The show started with an opening comedian, Timmy, who was okay.  He was a little dirtier than I wanted and it frightened me to think that maybe the main act, Augie, might be dirty.  I love stand up, but there's nothing censored.  So then the second act came on, Jose Something a rather, and he less than par, okay he STUNK!  Big time!  His opening joke went like this:  "Did everyone go to the beach this weekend?  I love the beach.  Everyone loves the beach... except for whales."  chirp chirp.  "You get it beached whales?"  I thought he was joking about that joke.  Nobody would put that joke in their routine expecting to get laughs right?  Wrong.  The next joke was just as bad, so bad I can't even remember it because I blocked it from my memory.  Again chirp, chirp.  I wanted to hide my face, I was so embarrassed for him.  It only got worse for him too.  After fifteen minutes of this painful routine Augie T finally got on stage.  If you haven't gotten it by now our expectations of his comedic ability, due to other peoples perspectives and his opening acts, were low.  This guy had no chance with us.  We were SO totally wrong!  From the first line he said to the last we were busting gut!  He was so hilarious from his facial expressions, to his impersonations of his now two gay sons with great transitions and actual funny jokes.  I was still kinda iffy about his degree of dirtiness until he came close to a transition towards it and he stopped and said, "I can't do those.  I don't go there."  I'm not sure if he wasn't allowed to or if he doesn't find it "classy" as my mom would say, but for any reason my respect for him went through the roof after he said that.  All in all he was hilarious and defiantly worth the money to see him.  I guess it helps when you have low expectations.  After the show we went to 21 degrees, a restaurant at Turtle Bay and had dessert.  What better way to end a girls night out?


Tane and Angela said...

Augie T is pretty funny compared to other local comedians-but you should netflix or rent his other augie T comedy shows that is on dvd i forget the name-but they are hilarious..anyways fyi=) sounded like a fun night out=)

theJorgies said...

oh dear ... thanks SO much for letting me re-live Hose-A's opening joke. wow. my stomach just flipped in embarrased agony all over again.

"this flower is like our love"

"why? because it's artifici ... i mean, because it lasts forever?"

"naw, baby. because it's artificial." OUCH

Melissa said...

wow don't you hat it when comedians aren't funny and don't get ANY laughs. I just can't imagine how embarrassing that would be.

maybe Augie was just so funny because he was ten times better than the other guys. or maybe he was just funny. i've never heard him but i have heard that he isn't super funny. but I'm glad it all turned out good and you guys got some good laughs.

iMaLLheaRt said...

I can't believe you weren't looking forward to Augie T! That guys is hilarious! If I had known he was performing at Turtle Bay, I would have so gone! I had his first DVD and it was hilarious! I'm glad you enjoyed his show!

Those other bags are pretty cool! The Nappy Bag is pretty awesome. I agree!

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