Saturday July 13th we went to the 7th Annual Korean Festival at Kapiolani Park!  You can say that we are so overly excited to move to Korea we couldn't wait till we got there to be around a bunch of Koreans.

The kids had a ton of fun.  After eating our Kalbi plate lunches Drew slid down this enormous tiger slide.  She noticed it when we first got there but I made her wait till after we ate.  After every bite she would say, "Okay now can I go on the lion?"

As you can see it was everything she imagined.  Brody was dying to get out of his stroller so we let him crawl around the bounce house.

Hahaha poor boy couldn't get up for more than two seconds.  But he loved it so much I had to go in and get him because he crawled as far away from the door when it was time to get out.  Little stinker!

After the slide and bounce house we went to watch the festivities.  Here is the kim chee eating contest.

And of course BYUH's own Korean club performing.  
An young!


David & Carrie said...

Hi Noelle! Alright, Leah recently corrected my 'silly' thought that I couldn't really comment on blogs since I don't have one myself...then also found out how much you LOVE comments, so I'm not going to hold back any longer! Over the past year, I would randomly remember how people blog (every few months or so), get excited, run to my computer and play blog-catch-up---but I'm pretty much hooked now, and I'm better at more consistently viewing them. Anyways, I'm missing Kim-Chi so much right now (since we haven't found a good Korean market her in Portland yet) and loved that you guys went to the Korean Festival! OK, I was a little jealous :), but I am so excited for you guys to go and LOVE LIFE in Korea! Anytime you need a reason or reminder of why Korea is great, you just call or write me, and I'll give you reason after reason! There is talk of us possibly going this next spring/summer to visit...we will see!

Melissa said...

i didn't even know that existed chad would have loved it!!

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