Look Who's 29!

This big boy!
Kurt's birthday was on the 8th. We started the morning off by hitting some good garage sales and then we journeyed down to Sand Hollow in St. George with most of Kurt's family.
We found this little Crawdad on the sand.

I was a little worried that Brody wasn't going to swim or would want one of us to hold him in the water the entire time but he took to the water like a natural. He wanted to go as deep as he could and only when he would start inhaling water did he want me to help him.
While I was watching the kids, Kurt and some of the fam swam to these rocks to cliff dive. I wasn't able to see them but Kurt was telling me that he was doing back flips and dives into the water while by standers watched in awe. I don't feel we normally brag about ourselves but I'm making an exception because it's his birthday!
Drew has been a fish out of water since moving to Utah. As soon as we got to the water she jumped in like she was home. She had so much fun swimming with her brother and cousins.

They both look like they've eaten something gross.

Kurt's sister, Rene, and Alia
See the tattoo on Brody's arm? We put these tats on the kids a couple of weeks ago when Drew got them in the mail for her birthday. Those are some serious fake tattoo's Bre! ;)

Kurt took this picture. Doesn't it look like these guys are sitting on my head? Hahaha!
We all had so much fun. It was so nice being in the sun again in a sorta of like beach setting. I have been missing my tan since moving here and it was nice to say hello to it again. Alia did great! She slept most of the time and I didn't take her in the water. Maybe next time. I hope you had a good birthday Kurty! One more year and you're 30!!


Mackenzie and Breana said...

Ahh...29! My worst fear is getting old and gross..and it sucks because its going to come true. Looks like the P90X is doing its thing.

And it looks like Alia's tupee is gonna blow off in the last picture.

Tyson and Shelise said...

Happy Birthday Kurty! Awww I miss sand hollow, its looks like so much fun!

Stewart Family said...

Happy Birthday!!! Ahh, water and sand :o)

Erin and James said...

happy birthday kurt! looks like you guys had a blast! great pictures noelle!

Shanae said...


Carrie said...

Yayyyyy! Happy Belated Birthday Kurt! Wow...these pictures are amazing! This looked like such a fun trip, and it just felt right to see your family out playing in the sun and the water! :)

Carrie said...

Oh yeah, and Noelle, I'm ALWAYS so impressed by your mad photography skills! Honestly, I've thought for a long time now how you have such a natural talent for it and a very good eye. Just a random little thought for ya!

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