Go Blue Lightning and Black Thunder!

Drew had her first soccer game today. Her team name is Blue Lightning and her cousin Case's team is Black Thunder who's game we saw after Drew's.

The first half of the game consisted of girls making goals for the opposite team, the ball being dribbled the wrong way and a lot of confused faces. Drew, I have to say, had the biggest confused face of them all. Instead of looking at the ball she would look at us. A couple of times she just ran around where the other girls were, not knowing where the ball was.
We didn't get it. We had been practicing with her since we signed her up. Kurt's motto that he taught her was,


but everything we had said and coached her on previously had gone to the back of her head.
It was then her turn to sit out and let her other team members play. As she sat on my lap on the side lines she could see from a different perspective what she was supposed to do. As soon as it was her turn to go back in she dominated!
And scored a goal!!
We stayed after Drew's game to watch Case's. He was having a hard time. He cried for a little bit and sat out for a little more and then as soon as he was able to hold him mom's hand he did great!

And scored a goal!!
I think they are now ready for their next game!


Mackenzie and Breana said...

Tell Dewby Dew thats awesome!! I can only imagine how fustrating and funny it was for you watching from the sidelines.

Alissa said...

What a cutie! I love watching little kids' soccer games. Hilarious!

Kim and the Fam said...

oh my gosh, Drew is old enough to play soccer? That means Lili is too, why didn't I know that?! That is so cute. Way to dominate Drew. :)

Williams Family said...

Good job Drew on scoring a goal! WOOHOO!!!!!

Keiko said...

Good job Drew!!! Does Brody play with Drew at home, too? That's so funny Kurtis teaches her to be mean when she plays the soccer.

lyle and julia said...

how fun!!! I already can't wait for Zeke to play sports except I know I will be the crazy mom yelling from the stands ;)

mommybird said...

They are so stinking cute!! I want to get Mia involved with something like that. I think it will have to wait a while longer though, until life is a LITTLE less crazy:)

Carrie said...

Way to go Drew! She's my kind of girl! Noelle, did you play soccer too?
I think it's so cool that all Drew needed was to take a step back and observe the whole picture for a minute to be able to have it figured out and go back in and dominate! Awesome girl!

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