Home Run!!

This morning I woke up by Kurtis' alarm clock going off. Another day where I have to step up to the plate. Kurt leaves for work around 7:30 am and gets home around 7:30 pm. When he gets home we run around like chickens with their heads cut off, with things to do before we go to bed.

I have been loving it!

I think it's because I have to... be all that I can be? No but really like I said I have to step up. Yesterday Drew had soccer practice so I needed to get up with Kurt, we also needed to take our car into the shop so we he drove our car while I followed in Cherie's, which we have been borrowing all summer, picked him up after dropping off our car and then took him to work. Then we went to Drew's soccer practice, dropped a book of at a friends, went and did a little shopping at Walmart, made dinner, and then went and picked Kurt back up from work. Now I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but when you have three kids, one still in an infant car seat that you have to lug around, it's not the easiest thing to do. That was the first time I've been to the store with three kids by myself. I felt very good about myself after that! Then we came home, ate dinner had our nightly rituals and still the kids didn't get in bed till 9:30 just because we were crunched for time.

But it feels good to be busy!

While Kurt and I had our small measure of quiet time he was telling me about his day. Like I said Kurt is learning to make buckets. He will technically be training for a year because there is so much he has to learn. Look under your plastic cups or some plastic container. Go ahead and look. You'll see a bunch of pictures, maybe clocks, numbers, symbols, Kurt is learning what all that stuff means. Then look in the middle of the underside of the cup. Is there like a little indentation? He knows what makes that and way. I actually don't remember so I can't tell you but it's interesting all the things he is learning. He has to take nine different buckets at one time and measure the width, length, circumference, amount of dye in the bucket. Then he has take take it and fill it up with water, drop it and see if it leaks, breaks, shatters, then takes a machine that puts pressure on it to see if it withstands a certain amount of pressure. Then he pokes holes in it to see if it'll crack or just pour water out of the wound. If it cracks, how far does it crack down. He was telling me SO much more that I can't remember but it's amazing how much one person has to put in just to make one bucket. With all that said, so far he likes his job and I'm really enjoying mine more!

But who knows? It's only the first week and for some reason we have been and will remain to be super busy for a little while. Kurt started work, the deer hunt started, get the car fixed, we had friends come and visit, friends leaving, friends moving back, Drew playing soccer and starting Head Start soon, sister's coming back, appointments, wedding, birthday, friends having a baby, needing to order things, fulfilling our callings, getting the dog fixed - that may not be HUGE but the line for the discounted clinic starts lining up at 5:00 am! - and in the mix of all this we have to remember to eat healthy, take naps, keep the house clean, get exercise, have fun, and wipe our butts!

I couldn't have asked for more!


Michelle said...

We are so happy for your new schedule--even during the growing pains. By the way I created a new blog today. You are welcome to check it out and participate fully if you so desire. fallingupordown.blogspt.com

Alissa said...

yea.. I hope you remember to do that last thing on your list.. haha! I think its better to be busy than be bored, but good luck with your list of things!!

Williams Family said...

"We're not worthy! We're not worthy." You are like super mom. I could never do all you do and do it with the wonderful attitude you always seem to keep. Tips? Kurt's job sounds really neat. I love those kinds of facts about stuff.

Willing 'Ohana said...

Better not forget the wiping the butt thing. Nah, but I know what you mean. I've been taking all 3 kids to the store more and more. I think I started when Kamalu was 2 months. I thought it was impossible but it's not too bad when you get the hang of it. You rock Noelle. Not to sound conceited but us moms of 3 can handle pretty much anything. I'm so glad Kurt's enjoying his job. Next time I drink out of a cup I'll be more observant and think of you. How exciting for Drew. I haven't signed Ku'uliko for any sports but she's supposed to be starting with Head Start too. Our girls are growing up. I love reading your posts. You always remind me to be optimistic and grateful for my blessings and trials. Thanks and take care!

iMaLLheaRt said...

That's right! Wiping butts is very important business! Go you! Reading your post made me tired! Glad everything worked out and that you're enjoying it! Whoo hoo!

lyle and julia said...

you are awesome!!

Carrie said...

Way to go Noelle! I'm tired just reading about how busy you and your new schedule/life is! You are a super-woman mommy of 3 at her best!!!

.Ang. said...

Such a great attitude!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

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