A Date With My Deer

Yesterday a friend of ours offered to watch Drew and Brody while Kurt and I went on a lunch date to celebrate him getting a job. I think we've stretched this job celebration as far as it can go. We stopped to get gas.
Then we headed over to DI to look for something Kurt could rig into an arrow holder of sorts for the archery hunt. It was nice not having all of our kids because that meant I could go in the store too instead of having to wait in the car.

I'm always interested by all this knick knack crap. Who did it belong to? Who would actually have had this in their house? This pig though was cute.

I love when we take Alia places in her car seat with a blanket over her to block the sun, she always seems to peak out and find me.

After smelling the dust off of ancient junk that should just be thrown away, we went to eat at
A Cafe Rio knock off, if you didn't know.
When we got home Kurt wanted to get in his gettup and practice once more before the hunt started. The archery deer and spike elk hunt started today. Can you find him?

I bet you can't find Drew either! She loves doing everything her dad does. She ran up to me yesterday and said, "Daddy's gonna get a deer and we're going to EAT HIM!" The last part was seriously savaged. Disgusting. I don't know what we're going to do with her!
60 yards away
I'm amazed how accurate he is. I can't even see his target deer.

And while we're on the subject of hunting for survival check this book out. Saw this movie edited and loved it and I just finished reading it for my book club.
Into the Wild


Mackenzie and Breana said...

Mack read that book too. I loved the spray painted deer. It looks like a raindeer. Please don't eat nasty deer...Kurt has a job, buy some chicken.

Williams Family said...

I have tasted deer. Its actually not that bad. I have had rein deer to and that is worse. lol. Try rabbit, its so good!

Stewart Family said...

Love the outfit! Couldn't even see theme. :o)

Carrie said...

There is something about that pig that really makes me like it...weird! Anyways, I love all these pics! Kurt is so talented...I mean it..I'm always impressed by how resourceful, creative and diversely skilled he is! My favorite pic has to be Drew laying in the grass!

Tony and Rachel said...

I think it isn't only Alia who finds her way out to say hello.... Kurts crack seems to do and awesome job of that too!

Erin and James said...

bahahaha. i love all the hiding pictures! CAMO really does work! hillarious!

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