Rasmussen Family visit

This past weekend we were so lucky to have our friends the Rasmussen Family, visit us.  It was a quick visit on their way to and from Logan visiting family but we'll take what we can get.  We knew the Rasmussen's from BYUH.  The first couple of times we hung out were pretty rough.  Drew was a teething baby and made it a chore to do anything but finally the third time we hung out together we had a ton of fun and they became one of our best friends there.

This, now big boy Jonah was their only child they had in Hawaii and since they moved they have multiplied

and had adorable Ryker

and sweet Evva!

Jonah and Drew were best friends in Hawaii and although they didn't remember each other very well they hit it off like they were never apart.

It was so fun seeing my good friend Laura again.  It had been too long.  I'm seriously so grateful for all the friendships we made in Hawaii.

Alia was asleep, missing out on all the fun at Cafe Rio, which we introduced Mike and Laura to (you have to in Utah), so we woke her up for pictures.  She was a little out of it but Evva was eating the camera up as you can tell.

Then we went through another timer shot which never turn out quite as well as I would like but I'm just glad we are all in the picture, blurry or not.  We love you Rasmussen Family!

They live in California only 8 hours away so when we said bye we said we were going to drive some time soon to see them.  Drew thought we were going with them to California right then.  When we headed home she got very confused that we weren't following their car.  When I told her we meant another day she started crying.  A song came on the radio and she asked if it was a sad song.  I said no, it's a happy song and started dancing.  She then asked if I would find a sad song.  Is it because you're sad Drew.  All she could do was nod and cry.  I had to take a picture of this momentous occasion because this was her first sad song experience.  One of many she's going to have throughout the years.  Boy, she started young!

I guess sad songs and waltzes ARE selling this year.


Alissa said...

Aww, poor Drew! What a funny girl. Glad you guys could have a fun time with friends!

Stephanie Yamashita said...

What car is Drew sitting in? It looks different! Remember when I left last March and she cried? Oh, that was the sweetest!!

Nikki said...

what car is that? did you already get a new car???? call me you stinker.

Keiko said...

How fun! Jonah has grown so much! He doesn't have those baby look anymore! Love the pic of sad Drew.

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