Brusha, brusha, brusha

Last Friday Drew had a dentist appointment where she had to get six, yes six, cavities filled.  Our dentist explained that Drew's teeth are very close together, that they usually don't get this close till they're almost six.  Why does that sound familiar?  Oh yeah because I had the same problem when I was her age.  Her teeth are screwed!

We get to the dentist office and while we wait this little boy who just had work done comes out and looks like he's in Lala land.  Top right hand corner.

She plays a little longer

in this awesome pediatric dental office that has this log home, country, ranch feel.  As we are watching the movie Spirit about a wild horse getting captured they come out and bring her, her sedative drink.

She became VERY happy.

Then VERY loopy.  And then she started getting emotional as she kept watching Spirit.  The receptionist had to change the movie because Drew was on the verge of tears when the soldiers were capturing Spirit.

Why don't they have a sedative like this for adults?

They ask the parents to remain in the waiting room so the kids don't freak out and try to get to their mom.  When the doctor came to get me he said that every child reacts differently to the sedative.  Most of them become calm and happy.  Drew became very talkative and kept asking the dentist if he was putting shinny teeth in.  They had to tell her not to talk a couple of times.  Before we went to the dentist Drew asked what they were going to do to her and I told her that she had ugly cavities and that they were going to take out the ugly spots and make her teeth shinny.  She was obviously worried about her shinny teeth.  I had to carry her and the assistant had to support her because she couldn't walk straight.  If the kids do good in the chair they get a prize.

When we got out to the car she wanted to see her shinny teeth and was so upset she couldn't see them.  She was weird for the first two hours after and then she became ornery!  She called her numb lips squishy and she kept hitting them.  As we were driving home she was complaining that she was talking funny, that her lip was squishy and then she said she was bitting something.  I looked back and she was chomping on her lower lip, hard.  She didn't break the skin but she left a huge impression.  She seriously wasn't herself till the next day.

But it was a funny experience and don't want to do that again for a while.


mommybird said...

That's where my kids go to the dentist too. It's an amazing office. We haven't had to have cavities filled, but it sounds like an interesting experience.

Alissa said...

Poor Drew! I hate going to the dentist!! Glad she survived it. :)

Allens said...

Isn't the title off the Grease movie!
Anyway I agree I need some of those drugs :)

Mackenzie and Breana said...

Thats weird to give little kids that sedative drink.

P.S. they do make those for adults, its called opiates.I wouldn't recommend taking them.

stef j. said...

oh. dear.

i really need to take add and gwen... i'm scared.

Cari said...

poor girl! glad it's over!! :)

Michelle said...

I love that dentist! He takes such good care of my kids. I wish he did adults. He and his staff are the best I have even been to. He actually got my kids to floss. He is a miracle worker.

Carrie said...

Oh goodness, what a funny yet sad experience!

The Boyd's said...

That is so funny! I just love those kinds of storys. We should turn all of our childrens stories into books and short stories. We could get rich!

missandyd said...

I would have asked for some of that stuff for myself! Awesome story. Good thing she didn't bite threw her lip, yikes!

missandyd said...

I would have asked for some of that stuff for myself! Awesome story. Good thing she didn't bite threw her lip, yikes!

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