Did I mention we had a good Christmas as a family?

Well we did.
And then we went to my sister's house.
And then we came back home to a popsicle house.
Our house had literally frozen.
It took hours to heat it up.
So we went to bed kind a cold.
And woke up to gushing water at 3 am.
The pipes had finally thawed.
And had bursted.
In three different locations of our house.
We had to shut off our water for three days.
We were dirty.
Our house was dirty.
I was depressed.
Our house is finally clean.
Our water has been on for awhile now.
And everything runs smoothly.
I am happy.

Update on the Goose: She did great for her surgery.  Woke up cranky and was screaming for 15 min straight but now she's doing great and she can hear!


Alissa said...

Yay for happy Christmas at home! And SOOO glad that Alia's surgery went well and that she can hear! Sorry about the pipes though, that really stinks.

mommybird said...

Your kids are so stinking CUTE! If my kids would ever get feeling better we could get them together for a little play date.

Michelle said...

Yeah for Alia! Getting childhood illnesses taken care of is so relieving.
Too bad about your pipes--why didn't you call. You could have showered or stayed at our house. We are here to help, you know. Are you coming to play date tomorrow?

Tyson and Shelise said...

I was wondering how your Christmas was! That sucks that your pipes burst but thats good everything is fixed! Im so glad that her surgery worked I bet that is a huge relief.

Cari said...

glad it was a nice christmas despite the freezing house and bursting pipes! :) and so happy for alia!! :)

Stewart Family said...

Sounds like a crazy, but fun Christmas! Love all the photos :o)

Allens said...

Your pictures always makes me smile, especially the one in front of the tree where Alia and Brody are leaning on each other!
Glad you life is running smooth hope it lasts for awhile :)

.Ang. said...

glad to hear that everything with well with alia!

Looks like you guys had an awesome christmas!!

I love the pictures of the kids in front of the tree!! You've got a goodlooking bunch!

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