Never A Dull Moment

Remember Brodini?
He's back!
And he's brought

and baby Hitler. We'll call her Alianna.
These are my Italian Bambinos!

I have this little pool of water to give the birds, dogs, and any other animals who are thirsty, a place to drink. I came out one fine day to see Brody using it as his own jacuzzi.

Drew got this cute baby doll for her Birthday from Kurt's cousin Keisha. I looked over and saw Alia holding it like this. I still don't know how it got there.
The other day we went to take soccer pictures for Drew. She did OK when she took her individual picture. All the other girls took pictures sitting Indian style with the ball in their lap. For some reason Drew couldn't grasp the concept to sit up straight. After five minutes of trying that position the photographer made her lay on her stomach and I fingered the ball on her criss crossed legs behind her head. It worked and everybody was happy. After we move on to the team photos. When all the girls were getting into their places Drew was no where to be found. Another mom spied her hiding behind a nearby tree. She didn't want to take pictures. We threatened, bribed, pleaded, and (insert another verb here cause I couldn't think of one) but she still didn't take. So they took a team picture without her.


Moving on...
We had to say goodbye to this trusted beauty. While Cherie was in Hawaii for the summer we watched her car for her/used it as our primary car because ours had serious issues. Thank you Cherie for letting us watch/use your car!
What has the weather been like in Cedar do you ask? Windy with a side of smoke. A mountain in New Harmony, a little town south of Cedar, caught on fire when there was this amazing lightning storm. The fire department had it under control and decided to continue to let the mountain burn as a controlled fire. They have controlled fires every year so that they burn all the dry stuff and let the new fresh foliage grow so that it is less likely to burn and start a raging forest fire later. Well this fire with the help of the wind got out of hand and made the whole atmosphere into the lungs of a chain smoker. There was ash falling from the sky like a light snow fall.
It made the sun look a crazy neon yellow
but made the sunset gorgeous porgeous.
That is all!


Erin and James said...

oh my gosh. please make that your xxmas pic of the kids! hillarious! what parents do for fun...so funny!

Alissa said...

I didn't know you were italian.. must be on Kurt's side. haha! too cute. I love the picture of Alia with the doll. Adorable!

Michelle said...

My whole life I was told not to write on myself (I even tell that to my kids now), but I still did it (they still do it, too). The draw is inescapable.

Shanae said...

nice pics, Kali was looking at them with me and kept asking me what was on their face:) YOU GUYS ARE TOO FUN!!!!

Stewart Family said...

SOO FUNNY! I love Aliah's face :o)

lyle and julia said...

the cutest pics!! love the one of the doll!!

Cari said...

awesome. so glad brodini is back :)

.Ang. said...

I agree with Erin!! You guys are awesome parents for drawing on your kids faces!!! haha

Miss you!

Carrie said...

These are HILARIOUS!!! Too funny!

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