"Just like a rainbow you know you set me free..."

I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough!

This past weekend was Cedar City's Skyfest. We woke up early Friday morning and watched hot air balloons being blown up and launched. I had no idea seeing a balloon being blown open and away with gas was going to cause me to be emotional. But it really made me tear up. Of course that isn't saying much coming from somebody who cries watching every Disney movie. My younger sisters and I would always tease my older sister, Nikki, for getting so emotional over the smallest things. Now I have no room to talk.

My camera battery died in the middle of the launch on Friday morning so I went by myself again Saturday morning. These pictures consist of the two days.

I have to say that the pilots and crews were SO nice. I was totally in their way trying to get the best shots and instead of yelling at me they took of a picture of Drew and I and told me that I could go closer.
They first test their gas and then they blow open the balloons with an industrial fan. Then when the balloon is open they fire up the gas and it makes the balloon right itself.

All together there was around 20 balloons. How many can you see in this picture?

After the balloons were up, up, and away we watched rc airplanes being flown.
On my drive home.
After the team gets the balloon off of the ground they have to follow it until it lands. They call them chasers. I noticed this one landed on my way home.
The pilot can only really control the ballon going up or down and they let the wind do the rest of the work. The wind was blowing towards our house.
This was taken in our front yard. I loved that this balloon flew right over our house. That's not our house but a shed right next to it. :)


lyle and julia said...

they are beautiful!! how cool!!!

.Ang. said...

That is so cool that you got to get right in there see them launch!

You got some great pictures!!

I love the sight of a hot air balloon against a bright blue sky!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that is not your house! JK! That was funny!

Williams Family said...

If you ever get a chance you have to go up in one. I got to go when I was 10 and it was so so so much fun! They are so cool to watch too. Your pictures are always so cool!

Alissa said...

How awesome! I love hot air balloons! THat's way cool that the crew were so nice and let you get so many cool pictures!

Allens said...

I absoutly love your pictures you have such talent!
It was probably a good thing you clarified that wasn't your house ;)

Allens said...

I absoutly love your pictures you have such talent!
It was probably a good thing you clarified that wasn't your house ;)

Erin and James said...

first off: amazing pictures!!!! they are so fabulous! Those types of activities are amazing. second: im really jealous that you are in a sweater and jeans...so jealous!

Michelle said...

You were so brave to get so close. We stayed behind the cones wishing we were braver.

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