Growing Up

Last Friday we went to Drew's school for an orientation. When we first got there Drew took an eye exam which she passed with flying colors. I was really worried about it because Kurtis had his first pair of glasses when he was three. In a period of a couple of months Kurt went through three pairs of glasses which he mysteriously lost, broke, and lost again. He hated wearing them, could you guess? Then she also did a shape test where she had to match the identical shapes together. She didn't miss a beat! While the aid went over the boring stuff with the parents Raelynn, Drew's teacher, went through a normal day with the kids. First they had circle time.
Brody was playing with the blocks, keeping out of trouble.
Then they had a little snack. Drew starts school at 8:45 and it goes till 12:45 so they actually feed them breakfast and lunch.
After they ate they played with playdoh,
then went outside for some exercise.
Brody keeping out of trouble playing under the playground.

Alia getting into trouble playing on the circle mat.
After Drew cleaned up the blocks we headed home. This orientation got her really excited for school.
This is the morning of her first real day!
As you can see in this picture she didn't bring a back pack because you don't have to. When we got in half of the kids had them. She started freaking out because she didn't have her back pack. I had to drive home and get it so she would be okay. The things you do for your kids! Then the next day she said she peed in her clothes just so she could wear the extra pair of clothes that I bought especially to keep in her class. She really didn't pee. We're excited to see what other things she comes up with the rest of the year.
They also sign in every day when they get there. I think it'll be fun to see the progression. Already after the third day of school I've seen her interest in words a lot more. I've tried to teach her her letters before and she did not of the patience for me. So when I could teach Drew for 20 min. without her getting frustrated I see it as a breakthrough!
I'm SO excited that she's in preschool and loving it. It gives her a chance to get a heads up for kindergarten next year and it gives me a chance to focus on Brody a little more.


Allens said...

How fun for her! I love the pic of Alia.

madbookout said...

Noelle!! You're babies are soo darn cute! I hope my little baby is just as cute. And they are getting so big.

Alissa said...

I can't believe she is that big!! It sounds like a great preschool!

iMaLLheaRt said...

wow. that is so awesome! and I love that she said she peed just to wear the extra clothes! haha! love it!

Michelle said...

I love Drew. She is my favorite little girl named Drew. She reminds me of my oldest. Good Luck.

lyle and julia said...

holy cow she grew up fast!! love her outfits!!

TD said...

wish they had a school like that here for mya. is it free?

Stewart Family said...

Awesome! James starts preschool on the 9th, he can't wait to have something else to do (and either can I)!!

Nikki said...

drew did a really great job writing her name.

Mackenzie and Breana said...

First off, they are all growing up too fast. Your kids are going to be teenagers by the time I have mine. Second, Alia's hair is getting out of hand. Third, its been too long since we've seen you guys.

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