Busy, Busy, Busy!

I haven't had much time to blog lately. Kurt has started his regular shift working from 2:30 pm to 11:30 pm. When he's home we like to do things together and when he's at work I've been busy being taxi driver, cook, and putting the kids to bed all by myself. It's fun but tiring. Lately I've been reading instead of blogging once the kids are in bed and I have time to myself.
So an update since the last time I posted! We went to the Iron County Fair where they had a petting zoo,
and rides. I quite possibly think this is the first time Drew and Brody have ever been on a carousel. Not too long ago I read Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury and I must say these rides and the people managing the rides REALLY freaked me out and reminded me of the book.

There was a height limit for most of the rides and I definitely thought/hoped that Drew wouldn't make the minimum for the swings. Now for those of you who've been to the Punahou carnival, the swings are no where near that big, but still I imagined her slipping out and falling to her death. She lived. And loved it.
Brody HAD to ride the Choo Choo Train ride. He is BIG into trains right now which I love just hope our house doesn't turn into a station.

After the fair while the hunt was still going we went with Kurt hunting. We pretty much just wait in the car while Kurt walks through some fields and hope that he comes running back yelling he's got one. While we were waiting Drew looked out the window and saw this cloud. She said it looked like an alligator with it's mouth open. I had to document it because I think it was the first time she found an image from a cloud and had it actually look like what she described.
Have you ever said you would NEVER do something pertaining to your kids. I have and it had to deal with a mom giving her 5 month old licorice. I'm a hypocrite.
I'm sorry for judging you other mom.
With the Iron County fair comes the Labor Day parade. I think next year we are going to bypass ALL of the Cedar City parades and just go to this one parade. It was the best of them all!
See the people giving away balloons in the background? Brody didn't get one.
So the family sitting next to us, the Wilcock's, gave Brody theirs. And he was happy.

Then we went back to the creepy fair to use the last of the ride tickets
where Kurt had to take a picture of a boy puking in the garbage after riding the stupidest ride that spins you around and around. Moving on...
My mom came to Utah to visit her daughters and spent a couple days down in Cedar with us. We went to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneer Museum. It was a small DUP sector but oh so fascinating!

Drew was scared of these dolls.
Ever wonder why people always looked so unhappy in pictures like this?
It was because it took around half an hour to take a picture. Try holding a smile that long!

We drove a little way up Cedar Canyon
and went down to St. George to jump at Jumpin Jacks, shop,

and eat.

While my mom, Stephanie was here she also sold her house.
Don't worry she's still going to live in Hawaii but I never thought I was going to be as sad as I was. I lived here through high school and with Kurt as a family for a while. Drew learned to swim in this pool. We'll miss you house.

P.S. Drew scored two goals in her game today! :)


iMaLLheaRt said...

I love that picture of Brody without his balloon! It's super funny! I'm glad your mom sold her house but super sad since it's way super nice! (wow, that was a lot of supers, maybe it's cuz I'm watching Super Why with Aaron!)
Glad you had lots of fun at that fair! Looked like tons of fun!

Michelle said...

The fair sounded way fun. Maybe we can go together next year and Kurt can take a picture of me puking.

Stewart Family said...

Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun!!
Love the photo of the licorice. Looks like she enjoyed it :o) Isn't it funny how your standards drop a little with each kid? I can't imagine what I will give this next one.

I can't believe your mom sold the house!! Where are they moving to? Will they still be in the ward? James first time swimming was in that pool too!

mommybird said...

The storybook parade in Cedar is a really fun one around Christmas, but that's the only one I actually enjoy. The licorice picture is absolutely hilarious. I've done so many of those "I'll never do that with my kids" things I used to judge people over. Oh well, live and learn;)

Cari said...

how fun to have your mom visit!! :) and i love the pics of alia with the licorice! such a cutie!

Alissa said...

The licorice is hilarious!
And I'm sad that your mom sold the house!! So many fun fun memories there!!! Where is she moving to?

Williams Family said...

Lots going on for you guys! Looks like fun, except Brody and the balloon! I can't believe your mom sold the house! Where are they going to move to? Still in Kailua?

Allens said...

That is so funny about the licorice, I was the same way! And I belive Leta was the same age when I gave in, lol.

Willing 'Ohana said...

Those were fun pictures. I love going to fairs. Drew was so brave on the swings and so were you. I took Liko on the ferris wheel and that freaked me out more than her. And the guy operating the ride was freaky looking too. What's up with that. Take care Noelle!

Carrie said...

Hey! Just got your comments (thanks!) which reminded me that I never got the chance to comment on this post when I read (most of it) the other day! OK, the pictures of Alia with the licorice are SO GREAT!!! I LOVE that you gave that to her!
Ummmm, I really wish I could have bought your mom's house...it's SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
So happy to hear you are doing so well!

Matti said...

What a beautiful house...I wish I was the one who bought it. ;-(

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