We're leaving tonight on the red eye and I'm not sure when I'll be able to post again.  So I'll leave you all with a couple of pictures of our Italian Brody.  We love all of our friends we're leaving in Hawaii and we hope to see you guys again soon!

Actually he looks like Grandpa Joe in this one.

Trying Something Out

So... I kinda started another blog.  I don't know if I'll be able to keep it up as much as I want to but it's been sitting at the back of my mind for a while now.  It's called A Few Of My Favorite Things.  I'd be watching a movie and love it so much I'd want to blog about it but never did because it would be kinda random.  The same thing happened with some songs, and some artsy fartsy thing I'd find.  So I thought to put everything I love onto one blog.  Check it out, make a comment, or even post if you want.  I'm trying to keep it to a post a day so cross your fingers that I'll be able to do it!


Something went 'bump' in the night

Sunday morning I woke up, looked in the mirror and started freaking out.  It seemed like over night I went from having a muffin top to a beer belly.  I even had people at church ask me if I was pregnant, something that doesn't happen till later.  Oh well, at least I could say yes, right?  

Another thing that's new to me are my dreams.  I never had crazy dreams or anything close when I was pregnant with my other kids but now I wake up at least five times a night because of my dreams.  They're usually of Brody about to get hurt, then I start talking in my sleep, telling Kurt to get him before that car hits him, and wake Kurt and myself up in the process.  Honestly I do this at least five times a night.  My dreams have started to expand with different people starring in them, some now fun, like Hillary Williams, Erin Low and I going on a road trip but others where I wake up crying, like Kurt cheating on me with a girl in a Bronco.(That last one I'm convinced was influenced by Aaron Jones' new vehicle)  I'm so tired in the morning from waking up so much in the night and my eyes hurt from crying so much.  I can laugh at some of my dreams, or should I say nightmares, now, but five or even ten minutes after I wake up I still have a hard time calming down.

For those who've had these kinds of dreams, when does it go away?  Anybody have a tonic to make them stop?  I'm seriously thinking of getting a sleep number bed.



So I want to throw up!  I wanted to venture out and try something new with my blog and the first thing I did was change my template with blogger.  I thought I was previewing it but I had actually changed it.  Now all my widgets are gone!!  ARGHHH!  Kurt also thinks the background is hideous, which I like(I'm SO excited for Halloween) but it doesn't help that my lover hates it.  That's what I get for trying: change!

Think, think, think

One week left till we fly to Vegas and then drive up to Cedar.  I only have two concerns with the travel,

Twiddle Dee, and Twiddle Dum.  In this picture I started filling up the tub with water, walked away for a couple of minutes and came back with bubbles over flowing.  They dumped my entire bottle of body wash in the tub.  They are a bunch of rugrats and I'm terrified of how they'll behave on the flight and the shuttle up to Cedar.  Can you imagine being strapped down for a total of 10 hours?  Help anyone, for suggestions of entertainment for these two.  So far we have our computer, mini DVD player, snacks and books.  I had one friend suggest to another, wrapping up toys like a christmas present.  I thought that was pretty smart.  More ideas would be great!


Don't Mind Me

This post is gonna be me complaining the entire time so like the the title says: Don't mind me.

  First, this is my worst pregnancy!  I'm feeling better during the day but at night around 6 is when I start to feel really sick.  If I don't force myself to stay up till 11 to watch X Files I'll go to bed around 9 just to lay there.  Then, every other day I have these really bad headaches.  I hate taking any medication except for prenatals when I'm pregnant but they're so bad I have to take Tylenol.  Thank goodness it works though.  So I went to my Dr. yesterday and I found out I'm only 11 weeks and 2 days!  I thought I was 12 weeks already!  That put a big damper on my day.  The really sad thing with that is that I look like I'm 4 1/2 months pregnant for me.  You really do get bigger faster with the third.  There are probably people out there that would much rather have this pregnancy than theirs, and I know I shouldn't complain, but it's kinda hard when all you've had are good easy pregnancies previously.  Moving on, we were supposed to have our last garage sale today and be able to play on our last Saturday here, but Kurt didn't feel like having a garage sale today so we are doing it next week.  Which means that we won't be able to go to the water park next Saturday.  I can't blame him, because I know those days when you're just not feeling like doing something.  Plus Kurt is a very one way track kinda guy and for him to change his mind, well I want to let him know that it's okay to change your mind.  So again I'm sorry but we're not gonna be able to go to the water park on Saturday.  Moving on, we sold our car.  We're really happy to have sold it so soon but now we can't go anywhere during the day.  It was okay for a couple of days because Kurt still has his motorcycle.  So if I needed anything from the store he would be able to go and get it.  Today he got a warning from a cop because he didn't have any eye protection on and actually the bike's not registered and hasn't been safety checked but the cop didn't say anything about that.  So Kurt got scared and now he won't drive the bike around.  Again I can't blame him.  If he got caught and had to pay a fine or go to court after our date we're supposed to leave, we'd be screwed!  Just to top it off were watching the Disney channel right now and the Imagination Movers are on and I want to kick in the TV.  Anybody who let them have their own show should be shot.  So that's the end of my complaining for now.  If you've read up to here you're a trooper!


New Move Resolution

You know how everyone makes New Years resolutions, well I like to make resolutions every time I move.  So here are some of things that I want to work on when we move to Utah.

1.  I want to be more out going.  I'm definitely a person who would rather have someone come up to me to start a first conversation than the other way around.  I do good if there's a group of people and I know at least one other person who knows other people.  I can make friends that way but it's more of my comfort zone to sit by myself than to go and introduce myself to others.

2.  I want to be more open minded about Utah.  When I lived in Utah I was the person complaining all about it but I realized that I was being rude and very close minded.  I hate when people trash talk Hawaii and I don't want to do that Utah anymore.  There are it's good qualities.

3.  I need to cook more.  I HATE cooking.  But now that I really haven't been cooking I've seen the crap that my husband feeds my kids and himself and it needs to change.  I've been calling myself a smart body, like a smart house, because I can literally detect healthy food from crap food just using my nose.  Whenever I smell crap food I dry heave and have to run from the house.  So my goal is to have three meals on the table with healthy snacks in between.  I'm afraid this is going to be the hardest task for me.

4.  Besides being more outgoing with making friends, I want to be more outgoing with every other aspect.  I want to do more service, because of my lack of cooking/baking I've never given anyone brownies or snacks or treats.  I know you don't have to give treats as the only means of service, but it's the best tasting and one that I've always enjoyed.  I want to fulfill my calling 110% even though it may be in the nursery or primary, please no! :)  I want to go to all the church activities and relief society events that I can.  I would only go to the fun ones or the ones that would have dinner, but I know I need to be better.  Those functions are for us as women and I probably have missed out on a lot of good things because I didn't want to go.

5.  I think with being more outgoing comes the need for more confidence.  I'm always over thinking and sometimes I have and other people have, missed out on a lot of things because I'm not confident enough.  I've baked cookies to give other people before but then I think they're not good enough, or I've wanted to call somebody but don't because I think of what they could be doing and I don't want to disturb them.  I say, "I'm sorry" when things aren't even my fault.  I need to stop thinking and be more confident!

Now that my brain is working I've realized that these things are just scratching the surface.  I want to change so much more.  I feel like I've already started because before when we decided to move to Utah I had in my head a picture of how I was going to behave.  Being a recluse, rolling my eyes at the people there, complaining about the weather, yada, yada, yada.  I've realized I need to step outside of myself.  I've missed out on some fun things just because it started to become a fad and I don't like to be another lemming but it was really something I loved to do.  I'm getting really excited for this move now.  I actually can't wait to be dry, and cool rather than hot and sticky.  I'm excited to meet new people and try new things.  I really don't know how if I'll succeed in anything on my list but I wanted to write it all down, with you all as my witnesses, so that I'll at least try.  Wish me luck!


Creative or Stupid?

The other month Kurt decided that this tree in my mom's backyard needed to come down.  It had a lot of dead leaves and seeds that would fall from the tree and dirty the pool.  My mom looked into getting it chopped down and the estimate was $750.  So Kurt said he would do it.  If you look at the pictures you can see that he attached three ladders together one on top of the other and wrapped it around the tree so he could get up and down.

You can't see him but he's on the ladder in those leaves pulling the dead ones off one by one.

A couple of weeks after this event Kurt was looking through these pictures  and asked who this guy was.  He literally didn't recognize himself!  Hahaha!

3o ft tree

That part was seriously a dirty job.  I didn't think to record the first chop but that was the best one.  We had a tent in our back yard that Kurt didn't think to move it.  As I was on the ground calculating where the tree was going to fall I tried to tell him but he didn't listen.  So I moved what I could out of the way and it was a good thing I did.  The tree top came crashing down on the tent and barely missed my mom's glass table and chairs that had just been there before I moved it.

The sound of these video's don't do it justice.  Just imagine a huge cracking noise and landing with a loud boom!  You can see in the background of the video the crumpled up tent.  Hahaha!  I have to say I was pretty impressed with Kurt's resourcefulness.  I wasn't sure if he would actually be able to do this job with dying or getting hurt but he proved me wrong.  He just saved my mom $750 plus clean up and removal.  You're my hero Kurt!


Brody Boy

Brody is 18 months!  Is there an 18 month check up?  I have no idea how much he weighs or how tall he is but he's so darn cute to me.  He's my little man.  On Sunday we dropped him off at nursey to see how he would do and he did great!  It probably makes a huge difference with his sister being in there too but I didn't expect him to go without a fight.  I think I wanted him to want me too but as soon as he was through the door he was having so much fun coloring.  I checked on him through the glass window in between classes and he was content playing with toys.  I think Kurt felt the same way and he said he had checked on him too but Brody was eating at the little table like a big boy when he checked on him.  As sad as it was to not have a sleeping boy to cuddle with in Sunday School it was nice to be free.  Hopefully Sunday wasn't a fluke thing and he'll like to go to nursery every week.  

 Some more things about Brody is he loves to talk!  His vocabulary is growing.... finally.  He's obeying commands, he dances better than Drew, he gets his feelings hurt easily, he can pound food, and to sum him up he's a ham!  A couple of weeks ago at Addi Joregensen's birthday party Brody weaseled his way by Matti Parker and sat down next to her.  Then he hooked his arm around hers and was content sitting there next to her.  Every once in a while he'd lean back and look up at her and smile the biggest smile he could muster.  It was the funniest thing.  I love my boy and now I fully understand the mother and son relationship.  It seems like he could do no wrong.  I love you Brody boy!

Brody wanted to give his friend Nate Howard a high five for his 18 month birthday too!

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