Creative or Stupid?

The other month Kurt decided that this tree in my mom's backyard needed to come down.  It had a lot of dead leaves and seeds that would fall from the tree and dirty the pool.  My mom looked into getting it chopped down and the estimate was $750.  So Kurt said he would do it.  If you look at the pictures you can see that he attached three ladders together one on top of the other and wrapped it around the tree so he could get up and down.

You can't see him but he's on the ladder in those leaves pulling the dead ones off one by one.

A couple of weeks after this event Kurt was looking through these pictures  and asked who this guy was.  He literally didn't recognize himself!  Hahaha!

3o ft tree

That part was seriously a dirty job.  I didn't think to record the first chop but that was the best one.  We had a tent in our back yard that Kurt didn't think to move it.  As I was on the ground calculating where the tree was going to fall I tried to tell him but he didn't listen.  So I moved what I could out of the way and it was a good thing I did.  The tree top came crashing down on the tent and barely missed my mom's glass table and chairs that had just been there before I moved it.

The sound of these video's don't do it justice.  Just imagine a huge cracking noise and landing with a loud boom!  You can see in the background of the video the crumpled up tent.  Hahaha!  I have to say I was pretty impressed with Kurt's resourcefulness.  I wasn't sure if he would actually be able to do this job with dying or getting hurt but he proved me wrong.  He just saved my mom $750 plus clean up and removal.  You're my hero Kurt!


The Waldon Family said...

Wow, that was really nice of your husband! Aaron and I were amazed at the stacked ladders contraption; we laughed REALLY hard when we saw Kurt covered in dirt; I cringed when the pieces fell!! :) What an exciting day. Loved the pics, videos, and of course you and your family Noelle!!

.Ang. said...

nice work Kurt!!

I remember one time my dad cut down a tree in our back yard with the help of out neighbor... (Or the opposite of help) he was supposed to cut through the tree part way, then push the rest guiding it where to fall, and my dad was on a rope pulling it.. But instead he just cut right through it with a chainsaw and let it fall however it wanted.

Needless to say, it pulled down the power lines from where they connected to our house.

So really!! Kurt did a good job! The only casualty was a tent!!! i'd call that SUCCESS!

Melissa said...

wow good job! that takes ambition. did the tent get ruined?

Williams Family said...
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Jones Family said...

Good Job Kurt, we are so proud of you, what a hard worker:) Aaron said he doesn't even think he would have done that!!

Stewart Family said...

Wow! Good job! Looks like it was a big job. I didn't recognize him either, I was thinking he had gotten a friend to come and help him.

When do you guys move???

Cari said...

wow! very creative! good work! :) i'm glad you're blogging a bit more now too noelle, hopefully you're feeling a little better!

Andrew and Crystal said...

Wow! I give Kurt credit! That's no easy job! I bet your mom was happy that she didn't have to spend $750!

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