Utah Reception

Friday January 2nd me and the fam drove up to Salt Lake for Mack and Breana's Utah reception.  We had SO much fun, like always, staying up way to late, talking and playing games.

Collin found his thumb.

Mike and Kurt, extreme sledding.

Cherie at the Utah Reception

Tess and Drew so happy to wear their head wreaths.

Mack and Breana
The beautiful bride

Breana found this amazing idea on a website.  It's a candy bar!  For everybody's favors they would go and get bag(s) of candy.  She had rock candy, mints, watermelon sours, white chocolate covered pretzels, white chocolate covered cinnamon bears, almonds, black licorice, m&m's, chocolate macs, jelly beans, kisses and a couple of other things I know I'm forgetting.  Everybody forgot why they were there when they reached this table.

Brody was a wedding crasher!

Then before we left Collin was nice enough to smile at us!


lyle and julia said...

so fun!! I love the candy bar idea...i have heard of it but never experienced it...it is the thing my dreams are made of ;)

Alissa said...

It was sooo good to see you guys! I'm glad Bre married a Utah guy so that you all had an excuse to come out.. or up. Whichever. :)

Stewart Family said...

Looks like a beautiful party. I LOVE the candy bar. That is so fun!!

Torry, Jeffrey, and Dozer said...

hey there! love all the pics--it looks like you had a great time! I wondered, though, where did you guys do that extreme sledding? I know Jeffrey would love to have a huge hill like that to go down!! (I'll just wait for him at the bottom, of course!)

Derek+Hillary+Jocelyn=Williams said...

so cute... i love the candy & the wedding crasher!!!! Drew is getting so big! so beautiful like her mama

In.A.Nutshell said...

extreme sledding and candy table are my favs.!

and Drew look so cute with her pig tails and flower head wrappy thing. (oh come on, there's gotta be a better name for it than that ... oh yea, wreath)

miss y'all! everyone looks BEAUTIFUL as always!

Williams Family said...

Breana was a beautiful bride. the candy bar idea is awesome. I tried texting you on christmas, forgetting that you had no cell phone any more and this crazy lady called me back like 5 times and yelled at me for the one text. She was freaky weird. So, Merry Belated Christmas.

Shanae said...

What an awesome and yummy idea, a candy bar!!! Looks like fun :)

Erin and James said...

how cute is your little sister and her hubby! so fun to have all these new additions to the family!

Michael Laura Jonah Ryker said...

Drew looks so grown up and so beautiful! I love the picture with your family and Brody sleeping, you all look great! we miss you guys!

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