For Leah!

Last night for the first time in my life I had Lobster and the entire time I was eating it and contemplating eating it I was thinking of my friend Leah.  To say Leah is addicted to seafood is an understatement.  This girl's got lobster bisque running through her veins!  I on the other hand will tell people that I'm allergic to seafood just so they know not to feed it to me.  So I wanted to let her know, because she would be so happy, that I actually liked it.  It didn't have a fishy taste at all!  Next on the menu is lobster bisque, and who knows?  Maybe I'll try scallops again... one day.


stephanie said...

This is such a cute picture!! Where did you have lobster? I like lobster but crab is my all time favorite. Maybe when I'm there???????

Erin and James said...

where have you been! I have missed you tons! so funny because any time james or i see lobster bisque anywhere we think of leah too!

In.A.Nutshell said...

i love crab and lobster! i'm glad you're over your "allergy". :)

Leah said...

You just made my day!!!! I have been doing nothing with blogs ina long time. Our Mac died- everythingI have left is on the site so I can't make any updates until I get every page printed and so I have been sadly missing the blogging world... I was thinking of you today, saw your cute smile on facebook and thought 'I want to check her blog!' And what do I find... "For Leah"

I'm so glad you tried it... and liked it. It is delicious, isn't it? When you come visit us I will take you to my fav restaurant so you can try lobster bisque for the first time the right way! Oh my gosh--- I am craving lobster now. Yummy!

I miss you guys so much. I miss just sitting outside and talking and than realizing so much time has gone by that every one has gotten hungry and so we eat. I miss just knowing you all are just there. Oh and I really miss Aloha!

Alo- HA!

missandyd said...

Yummy! I love the new background!

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