Busy as Santa's Elves

We/I have been pretty busy this holiday season.  To look in chronological order start from the bottom.

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Thank you Aunty Melissa for the awesome beanies!  My kids were obviously happy to get them.

Finally Christmas!
They were SO excited to see him.  I totally thought they would be the kids to scream and cry but they didn't.
After the spiritual message Santa came to visit.
Drew was one of three angles.
Every other year the Reynolds' get together for Christmas Eve and put on a family nativity program.  Brody was the shepherd boy this year in his do rag.
Mack and Breana are seriously such a cute couple and were meant for each other.  My sister's and I had SO much fun staying up late and talking to one another.  We didn't want Bre to go on her honeymoon to Kauai so we could hang out more.  I didn't post pictures but Mack's family came from Utah, minus his brother on a mission, for the wedding and it was so fun getting to know his family.  A REALLY good and fun family!  I flew back to Cedar on the 23rd and was so happy to be home for Christmas.
At the reception Cherie caught the bouquet and her boyfriend Keenan caught the garter.  That was exactly what Kurt and I did at Nikki's wedding.

Wednesday December 17th I flew from Cedar City to Salt Lake City to San Francisco and finally got to Hawaii!  I flew in at 4:30 pm, ate and went to bed at 8:30 pm.  The next morning I woke up at 6:30 am.  I was SO tired.  Everybody arrived later that day and as soon as they got there, meaning my sisters, we started preparing for the wedding.  We folded boxes, and tied pink ribbons, finished sewing table runners, finalized the seating chart... did I miss anything?  Well you get the picture.  Friday the 19th Breana went through the temple for the first time which was amazing, while Hillary watched my nephew Collin... THANK YOU AGAIN HILLARY!  After the temple we went to eat at Zippy's which now brings me to the wedding day.  Breana wanted to get up at 4:30 am because she needed to be up at the temple at 7:00 am.  Somehow she was woken up an hour late.  While she was getting ready we had one too many electrical things going on and the breaker went out.  Then we got a phone call from her fiance-soon to be husband, saying that we was sick!  REALLY sick!  He had been throwing up all morning.  We later found out that as Mack was diving himself out to the temple he was swerving from his nausea and a cop pulled him over.  Mack opened the door as the cop got up to the car, and threw up all over the place.  The cop totally though Mack was drunk but he explained that he had food poisoning and was supposed to get married in a couple of hours.  "Oh, at the Temple?" The cop asked.  Then the cop let him go and only told him to talk as much time as he needs to get up there and hoped his day went better than this morning.  Must've been a fellow member!  So that leaves us to where we are now with the pictures.  The ceremony was wonderful and everything we had expected it to be.
and such a cute profile!
Good foot shot
After Thanksgiving I finally had my ultrasound.  It's a .... baby!  We were good and didn't even look in that general direction.  As you can tell from this picture we could've 100% found out what we were having if that's what we wanted to do.  I'm not sure how good your ultrasound eyes are but this picture above is the baby bent in half.  All of it's arms and legs were over it's head and face.  Can you imagine how uncomfortable that has to be?
Nikki and Collin
It all started with Thanksgiving.  We had Thanksgiving up at my sisters house in Draper.  It was the first time the Abiang family has been together for Thanksgiving in a long time.  My sister Nikki had a fun idea for us to wear pilgrim and indian attire.  We had so much fun being together as a family!  The Saturday after Thanksgiving we also had a bridal shower for my sister Breana.  Unfortunately Kurt had stolen my camera for the day so I don't have any picture from that event but let me tell you we had a TON of fun!


Melissa said...

i really like your new background!

ultrasounds pics are awesome! i just wish I could see past the legs and see what you are having! it's so fun to wait though because of all the anticipation.

your sister's wedding day morning sounded awful!! but she looked beautiful!

it was fun to see you for a few minutes on friday. glad you made it back safely! :)

iMaLLheaRt said...

It was great to see you in the temple parking lot! Glad you had a good time! The in-laws we met were pretty nice!! Glad it went well! I love the Christmas pictures!! Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!

Crystal said...

Hey Noelle,
I wanted to say hi to you at the wedding reception but you looked busy. Breana and Mack's reception was SO beautiful! And that's so funny that Cherie and her boyfriend caught the bouquet and garter! Today at my cousin's wedding reception, my sister Amy and her boyfrined caught the bouquet and garter too! We were talking about how the same exact thing happened at Breana's wedding! Well I guess there will be 2 weddings coming up! Take care and happy holidays!

Stewart Family said...

What a busy and fun last couple of weeks. Breana looks so beautiful. Glad you guys had a good Christmas!!

Cari said...

glad to know you're alive and well ;) it sounds like a very busy past couple of weeks! merry christmas!

lyle and julia said...

woah...that is a lot for one post ;) we loved the reception!!! it was oh so fun to see all of you guys!!

Erin and James said...

i looove your adorable belly! and your sisters wedding dress was gorgeous! hope you guys had a very merry christmas!

Carrie said...

This blog was so much fun to read! I loved all the pics of your sister's wedding, the ultrasound, and Christmas! Your family is so adorable, and you are looking fabulous! Ever since I talked with you, I've been thinking about your trip to Hawaii, and hoping that the sun decided to come out enough for you to get your fill of the WARM beaches....did it happen? Hope you had a wonderful time, and we wish you a very Happy New Year!!!

Tyson and Shelise said...

It was good seeing you guys, looks like you had a good Christmas, Love ya lots!

Michael Laura Jonah Ryker said...

It looks like you have had a lot of fun! I bet you're pretty tired after all that! You look so cute and how could you not look during the ultrasound? Good job I don't think I'd be that good. I have my ultrasound next monday and hope I can see what it is!

It's so nice that you could be with family during Christmas! Happy New Year~!

Leah said...

I really miss you guys! You all look fabulous - love your belly!!! I'm so impressed that you didn't find out what your having, I would not have been able to handle it I don't think... although now with each maybe I could??

Looks like you had a great Christmas wish I could post mine but my computer started seriously malfunctioning about a month ago now and I lost everything.

Andrea Tyler said...

Looks like so much fun. Breana looks so pretty. You look great too by the way! Cute prego lady...we are coming down in a week will you be in town?? We would love to see you guys. miss you :)

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