Umm... Nevermind

Cedar City here we come!  Kurt and I have been doing lots of thinking lately and we decided this is the best move for us right now.  It's honestly like Heavenly Father said, "Nope.  Your not going to Korea."  After learning I was pregnant we tried to ignore this feeling but we finally realized it's the right thing to do.  Having a baby changes everything!  So we sadly ruled out Korea for us right now, and we knew we couldn't live with my mom or afford an apart in Hawaii till the baby was born, so Utah it is.  We are really sad that we won't be going to Korea, Kurt most of all.  I kinda feel like I let him down, but he knows it's what we're supposed to do.  When we thought about me smelling all the different foods with this pregnant nose, it sealed the deal.  We thought about maybe going after the new baby is a little older but then it would just prolong us settling down that much more.  You know, when you live your regular day to day life you don't see how much your in the Lords hands until you let him make huge decisions for you.  It makes life that much easier.  So now that we have sealed the deal we're actually really excited.  We'll be living in the same town as all of Kurt's family and we'll be living 3-4 hours away from my sisters and my mom's family.  We're so excited to be able to have our kids know their cousins.  Kurt, being born and raised in Cedar is so excited to share with the kids his love for the outdoors.  This is one of those bitter sweet posts and life changes.  We're leaving Wednesday September 24th.  Less than a month away!  I also went back to the doctors today and I'm due April 1st.  Baby is doing good and was moving a lot in the ultrasound.  I'm actually REALLY sad I'm leaving my doctor behind.  Something kinda fun to look forward to is my sister Breana is going to be married in Hawaii in December.  So if you're going to be here for Christmas vacation, we'll see each other again then.  So thats our news for now and I'm sure I'll come up with more drama before we leave!  :)


.Ang. said...

Noelle, That is great news!!These things really do happen for reasons and there is nothing better than knowing that what you are doing is FOR SURE what you are supposed to be doing!

I know you'll find a great Doctor in utah! and you'll be close to family which is awesome!

:) we need to hang out!!! how have you been feeling?

I love the story of the free pregnancy test place!! It was just as good the second time around! haha

Williams Family said...

I am sad you are leaving so soon, but glad that you are going to be in the states instead of in another country. We might be moving back to Cali too, so we will still be close to get together. Thats good. I am gonna miss you guys.

Jones Family said...

That is awesome, I know you had so many concerns about Korea, mainly because of the kids,and the language barrier. We have to play for sure before you go, and I will be here in December!!

Melissa said...

wow! good for you guys for figuring out for sure, whats best for you.

I think I remember you saying that you had a Dr. that you loved in cedar, right? Well either way you'll be more comfortable with one that you can communicate with! :)

glad you guys are feeling good about this! I was worried for you and going to Korea.

In.A.Nutshell said...

yeah! i'm so happy for you! i was scared for Korea, as i had previously hinted towards. so i'm so glad you'll be near family (huge bonus) with english speaking doctors (doubly huge bonus) and ... well, mostly the whole medical care thing. and being in a place where you speak the language, and being around family.

wow, did i really seriously just say everything twice?? anyways ... YEAH!!! party before you go!

Stewart Family said...

YAY!!! I AM SO HAPPY! I am sorry that you guys aren't able to go on a Korean adventure, but so happy that you guys will be in Utah. You'll be 3-4 hours away from me :o) Also we could come down to see you and the infamous Wal-Mart :o)

Sorry about leaving the Doctor. I loved her so much I went back to Hawaii to have the baby. She is a hard one to leave. At least in Utah, there are probably a lot of good ones too.

The baby has a GREAT due date! Very exciting. (Actually I didn't like it so much when I was growing up, when I was in intermediate, I told people it was the 31st. But when I got to high school, I decided it was great.) Nice thing is it is very easy to remember, even if the baby is born on another day, you'll probably always remember the due date :o)

Keiko said...

SO happy for you! I'm sorry about Korea, but It's such a relief to know you'll stay in U.S.! You will be closer, too! Yay! We were thinking of driving down to St George & Zion's Park one weekend in October. We might be able to stop by. I'm also happy that you'll be by family. Kids will have tons of cousin time, and that's really exciting. We'll be on Kauai for Christmas, probably not Oahu though. Get tons of rest and we're waiting for another drama:)

Cari said...

that is great news! so happy you won't have to deliver in korea and that you'll be closer to us too! you'll have to let us know when you come up north to visit your sister and family! :)

Our Blog Spot said...

My life in a nut shell: never what I planned...

How fun for you guys though! It's always nice for me once I actually nail down our next "adventure" since we are always last-minute-life-changing-decision-makers.


iMaLLheaRt said...

I'm glad you guys are going to be moving somewhere that you're excited to go to. If you need help with anything let me know. Like if you need help selling stuff after you leave or whatever. and we'll for sure be here in December. Take care and have fun packing!!

Patrick and Crystal said...

We won't have any more friends in Hawaii!! But I'm glad that you both feel good about this choice and I'm sure it will be great for you. Heavenly Father knows what he's doing! Your post was a great comfort to me that everything works out as it should for things like this since we're sort of in limbo right now about where we will be in the coming months too. So thanks for sharing and good luck!

Andrea Tyler said...

Wahoo for Utah! Everyones is going and I am leaving! What is up with that...super cool that Kurts family can finally enjoy the grandkids now.
I think that as long as your doing the Lords work it doesn't matter where you live. But Korea would have been cool.

lyle and julia said...

Yay! That is so nice that you get to be near sisters but the ward here will miss you guys lots!!! Is Cedar a permanent ending or just a stop??

SiLLiWiLLi said...

Crazy sad, but good!

As if that makes sense, but that's what went thru my head! :P So, congrats on baby number 3! You're a great mom! So I know you can do it! But I bet that was quite a surprise! Too bad no Korea, but Utah will be nice! And I'm even more happy to hear that you're gonna come here for Christmas! We'll be here! ;D

I am going to miss you. I have loved the times we've been together with the ladies! You always bring laughter and smiles! I love that you're so easy to talk to and open up with. I will certainly miss that... YOU! You're always more than welcome to stay with us if you come back! We could totally make it work! ;D Don't believe me? Challenge me and I'll tell you. Seriously though! I know you have family here, but know you can turn to your friends too.

I hope to see you before you leave!!!!


p.s. I will forever treasure that you came to see Jocelyn in the hospital! She is lucky to know such a wonderful Auntie!

Erin and James said...

i was sad to leave my dr. too in hawaii, but im sure utah dr. have WAY more experience delivering with the mormon population! ok so im excited, why...because we are coming to utah in nov and we would LOVE to see you guys. so email me your address k!?
love you guys!

Taylor and Leah Stimmel said...

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it... I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I miss you ... MISS YOU!
You are going to be so much closer we will ABSOLUTELY have to plan something. Plus... Rainey's, Greenleafs and Barney's and Peltons and us want to plan a reunion vaca in this up coming year and one of our vacation cabins (barney or us) and now you will get to come! WA-HOOOOOOO!!

Next most important piece of business... CONGRATULATIONS! I am so excited for you!!! I can't believe the third adorable Renold baby is coming. Thats awesome!!! Hope you're feeling good!


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