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Long time no see!  I have been so diligent taking photos of other people that I've become relaxed when it came to taking photos of my own family.  I told myself I would never do that but here I am, blogging after almost a month hiatus.  Oh well!  Please excuse the low quality pictures.  I don't have to think on this blog which I love.

Alia turned 11 months a couple of days ago and will be turning 1 year old on March 19!!  I cannot believe it!  This first photo was taken in the shopping cart.  We would shake it lightly and Alia would get these huge eyes, making us laugh hysterically!

Our niece Shawnie made Alia a hat out of a Styrofoam bowl and she didn't even try to take it off.  It was so funny!

We finally took Brody to get a haircut when Great Clips was having a huge sale.  I didn't realize how much he needed one till I look back at these photos and realize how long and nappy Brody's hair had gotten.  At first he didn't want to get a haircut because he thought only girls did that but then he was convinced boys got haircuts too when his dad got in the chair opposite him.

He was still pretty distraught with the whole process.

And so was Drew.

He was a lot happier after when he and dad looked alike.  Since then he's been walking around telling people about his haircut and won't stop telling them till they compliment him.

And Drew was happier too.

As for Kurt and I, we've been busy me, taking photos and Kurt with work.  We recently got into Heroes, streaming all the season's from Netflix.  Our nightly decision is : Sleep or Heroes?  Heroes!  YATTA! (I know I know 4 years too late) Now we go about our daily life wishing we had abilities and looking at different situations if we had certain ones.  Pathetically fun!  And we've officially become the worst parents, letting Drew watch with us.  There have been a couple episodes that are truly gory even for me. We'll pause it and make Drew leave for a minute and the entire time she's throwing a fit saying, "I want to watch him kill her!"  Like I said: Officially the worst parents!

till next month...  ;)


Williams Family said...

Thats so funny, my neighbor gave me Heroes this week to watch while Mike works. You are right, some episodes are so gory! I love Brody's hair cut! So cute!

Allens said...

What! She is almost a year!! You miss to many playdates ;)
I noticed his hair on Sunday, very handsome indeed.

Alissa said...

We went through the same thing with heroes & netflix last year.. totally worth it to stay up, right? :)
Love Brody's new do. What a little stud!

lyle and julia said...

welcome back :) and love the hair Brody!!!

beth said...

Low quality pictures? Hello, Noelle. You still take better pictures than the rest of us =)

I love how ornery Brody looks while he's getting his hair cut! What a ham.

IWA (e - va) said...

I love how your commentary matches the pics! love brody's hair cut!

Cari said...

love the pictures!
i also watched all of the seasons of heroes on netflix while pregnant with kai. love em. :)

Erin said...

you sound like my dad. we got to watch all his gory movies, but he would make us close our eyes! i turned out just fine...but slighty a little to into serial killer type books and shows! ;)
i love brody's hair cut! He looks so handsome!

Tyson and Shelise said...

Brody looks like such a stud! I cant believe she is almost one that is crazy!

The Boyd's said...

That is too funny. Now I don't feel so bad that Eli was my heroes watching buddy. All your little ones look so good! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

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