Yes, we're still alive even though the cow that was in our yard is not.  I haven't blogged in a while so here's to catching up!

Drew's swimming lessons ended and both Drew and Brody are very sad.

Alia is now 8 months and she is getting to be a handful just because no place in the house is safe anymore.  She is scooting/army crawling.  She'll get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth, maybe crawl for a second but she still gets around mostly on her stomach, pulling with her arms and pushing with her toes.  She really is as fun as ever.  She still only has the two teeth but she can still cut your skin if you stick your fingers in there, trying to get out what she just ate off the ground.  She is only bottle fed now and is drinking more than I would've thought possible.  I don't know how much she weighs but since feeding her formula and regular table food she has filled out a little more.

Oh, and she's also pulling herself up on things

It's gotten significantly colder here but that does not deter Brody from going outside naked.  Yup, this is what he wanted to wear outside the other day.  I tried to get him to get dressed but he wouldn't.

On Monday for FHE we went to the college's planetarium.  This is the sunset we saw on our way there.

The planetarium was super fun.  First they had a slide show to inform us about some of the things we could see and then we headed upstairs to actually look through the big telescope.  The kids liked looking at the moon and Jupiter.

Earlier that day I got a nice surprise in the mail.

My business cards!  YAY!

And to end this post, last night Brody came in to show me what he had drawn.  He pointed to it and said Brody!  It was a self portrait.  I LOVE these kinds of drawings.  When he does stuff like this I know he's getting older, bigger and smarter.  He's actually drawing things that look like what he's trying to draw.  And of course Drew's picture is amazing too!  I really love my kids!


Michelle said...

Beautiful pics from everyone, except the one of Kurt--that's just freaky.

Allens said...

I laugh at the picture of Brody. I have a pictrue of me around the same age standing out in the snow wearing a coat and boots and my bare bum showing!
I can't belive how big she is, you need to come play soon

iMaLLheaRt said...

I love it all! I also really like your business cards!

Alissa said...

Love the going outside naked, too funny! Also, super cute business cards!

Widiger Family said...

Your kids are so cute and so much fun!!!! Brody is one funny little fellow. Drew and Alia are so sweet

lyle and julia said...

Alia is starting to look so much like the other two!! Adorable :) That stage is so much fun and also almost terrifying at the same time ;)

The Waldon Family said...

Haha, the picture of Brody in a snorkle mask with his nose squished made me giggle. Cute!

Nikki said...

i love the self portraits. the kids are getting older, please tell them to stop. did you put stuff on your walls above your couch?

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