Good Company!

On Saturday, after we got home from the hospital, my sister Nikki and her family drove down to visit us from Salt Lake. I was SO happy to have her here fresh from getting home from the hospital. She was the biggest help getting me whatever I needed. I didn't take any pictures while they were here so I stole these two from her blog. Check out her FUN, crafty and food friendly blog here.

This is Collin holding his cousin. Collin was SO cute holding her
and trying to suck on her face.
While Nikki and I were cruising with the babes at home Kurt and Mike took the big kids to Discovery Park, and Snow Canyon. They had a blast and slept GOOD that night! We can't wait to see you guys again soon!
Sunday Nikki and her family left. Then Monday we were SO LUCKY to have our good friends, The Stimmel's, come and visit us. We had so much fun hanging out with them. It's too sad it had to end. I love it when you can pick off right where you ended. No weirdness involved. I should have taken pictures the entire time they were here but I only did the morning they were leaving. I could not believe how big their kids had gotten! These two, Kurt and Peyson, became quick buddies while they were here.
Brody had issues.
And these three were SO cute together! They had fun catching chickens in the coop, having their dad's push them on the swings, exploring the yard, and just being together, doing everything!

Kurt had missed hanging out with Taylor but I think he realized just how much he missed him as a friend when they came. They had fun shopping and cooking the food and swapping manly stories.
I was so grateful to see Leah again! She jumped at every opportunity to help me with Alia, Drew and Brody. It was fun to be able to hang out with my "sister" again. A lot of people think we are sisters and this visit was no exception when the primary presidency came to visit. I'm so excited too because Leah, a budding new photographer, was able to take newborn pictures of Alia and family pictures. I can't wait to see them but you can check out Leah's other work here.
We love you Stimmel family and we were so happy to have you guys come and visit us!


Michael Laura Jonah Ryker said...

how fun!! it's nice to have company help out with a new baby, especially when you can relax with that company and not stress! you look great by the way!

Carrie said...

I was talking with Leah on the phone the night before they left and when she was going over their trip's itinerary, and that visiting you guys were in it, I flat out told her I was extremely jealous and wanted to jump right in her car and join them! (for the record, she did invite me, but I figured I should probably be responsible and stick around where my doctors are for the next couple weeks at least!) So happy you guys got to see each other again and hang out!
So in love with that adorable little girl of yours! :)

.Ang. said...

How fun!!!!

Just like OLD times!!!! :)

can't wait to see the family pictures!!

Erin and James said...

that is sooo fun! we saw them yesterday and I felt like you, it was sooo nice having old familiar family type friends...geeze it made me miss our hawaii clan sooo much! what adorable pics of everyone!

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