Catching up BIG time!

I was looking like crazy for my camera cord and although I didn't find it I found another cord that would work.  YAY!!  So here a pictures from the flight over till now.

Our layover in Portland.  The kids did so good!!  Can you see that Brody doesn't have any shoes on?
The weekend after we got to Cedar City we went to Cedar High's homecoming.  They sadly lost but they had a fun firework show.

The day after the game we went up into the mountains with Kurt's family and chopped down trees for firewood.  It was gorgeous up there!

The infamous puke green trailer.

Our backyard

Our front yard.  At leas this is what it looked like when we got here.  Now that it's freezing all the trees are bare and everything is dull.

This is the kid's room.  Can you find Brody?

When Kurt's sister had lived in our trailer they bought chickens and built a chicken coop.  The coop was still in really good condition when we moved in.  Kurt thought it would be fun for the kids if we got chickens.  Some kids have fish, other's have dogs or cats, we get our kids chickens.

They're called Silkies.  Kinda funny looking huh?

And... the chickens came with pigeon's.  It's disgusting to me that people actually eat these birds.  These are the same nasty diseased scavenger birds we have in Hawaii.  We kinds don't know what to do with them because we defiantly won't eat them!   

The inside of the coop.
Brody was Master Chief from Halo for Halloween this year.  He LOVED having his helmet on.

Drew was a scary witch.  She specifically did not want to be a nice witch but a scary one.  She told us, "When I put on my costume and my makeup I'm not going to be Drew B Drew any more."
After Halloween we drove up to Draper to visit my sister Nikki and meet her new baby boy Collin.  
When we got there the grass was nice and green and this is what it looked like when we left.  Before it had snowed it was the first time I'd seen my sister's grass.

I went up to Draper with the kids and we left Kurt at home.  I wasn't sure how much help I would be for Nikki bringing my kids with me but the kids played really well together!  Davis standing in the back is four, Drew is three, Tess is two and Brody is one, then Collin a couple weeks old and the next one due April 1st!!

So while I was gone this is what Kurtis was doing with his brother Jon.  They were Elk hunting.  Disclaimer: Jon shot this Elk on the last day of the hunt in practically the last hour and it may have even been the only one that they saw hence it being only a spike.  I think for ego purposes I may have to take a picture of the elk that Jon has mounted in his house from last year.  Better yet I'll make Kurt post it on his blog later.

A little after we got back Kurt and Brody had a father son outing.  They went hunting for deer sheds.  Every year deer and elk shed their horns and grow a whole new set with another point on it.  So they went treasure hunting for horns that deer had shed.  Some guy comes every once in a while and will buy deer sheds for $15 a pound.  This was Kurt's first time going and he's already addicted.  So now that we've fully caught up and now that I have a camera cord and battery I tend to stay caught up!


Cari said...

fun! what a great update! i love the kids' halloween costumes! and it's fun to see yours and nikki's kids together! what a cute bunch! :)

Alissa said...

Its nice to see pictures again! Drew was definitely a scary witch, not a nice one! It sounds like you guys are doing good. I'm so glad!

Keiko said...

Yay for the camera cord! I couldn't wait to see Drew and Brody's Halloween costume! They are great!!! Did you do the make up or Kurt? Really scary! I guess you guys headed back on Wednesday? I had to drive up to SLC in the morning, and it was a horrible drive. Some part of Highway had snow covered and blizzard wasn't helping with sight, kind of dangerous. I'm so glad you made it safely and kids are enjoying the toys.

Leah said...

SO great to see all the updates and pictures! Taylor has shown Kurt's blog with the picture of the huge rack to everyone we know. Everyone saw it over the weekend... It's famous! It's so good to see faces, but where is yours? I miss your beautiful happy face.

Would have LOVED to have you guys here for Tay's birthday. We miss you.

.Ang. said...

This update was AWESOME!!

Your kids are seriously looking even cuter than i remember them! I LOVE their costumes! You can hardly recognize Drew. and Brody makes the cutest master chief EVER!

I think it is awesome that you guys have chickens!

We Miss you guys!!!

Stewart Family said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Nice photos :o) Sorry that we missed you, next time you come up we will have to get together.

The Boyd's said...

I love seeing your family! You are so adorable with your tiny tummy that I might die. I back into blogging now just to let you know. I miss you and your family so much.

Tony and Rachel said...

Kurt did an awesome job on Brody's costume! Drew looked awesome too. Definately not a nice witch! I have that coat sitting her so if you need it just drop by anytime and get it.

Tony and Rachel said...

Kurt did an awesome job on Brody's costume! Drew looked awesome too. Definately not a nice witch! I have that coat sitting her so if you need it just drop by anytime and get it.

Erin and James said...

yay for all the updates!
i miss your adorable family oh so much! and its soooo gorgeous where you live, I am jealous of the colors you get there! and you have the best place for kids to grow up at and roam!
James is jealous of the antler gathering, he always talks about that and when saw the pics he was so jealous of kurt and brody and he was just jealous of your whole life...all the free space, the mountains, the antlers, the chickens...he wants to come and visit!

Michael Laura Jonah Ryker said...

Hey Noelle Michael is jealous that Kurt got to go hunting. he just bought a big gun to go deer hunting but hasn't gone yet. By the way the kids costumes are so cool you guys are(or Kurt is) so creative!

In.A.Nutshell said...

so nice to see your faces ...

brody looks SO big!! and addi still asks for drew every single time we go to Laie, EVERY time.

amazing halloween costumes ... who did drew's makeup? it's way good!

we miss you. i'm glad you found a cord for your camera.

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